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One of the reasons it took so long to write this chapter was because I knew that some would find this offensive but I felt this was needed. He was pretty sure he knew exactly how James had been punished. There was nothing to explain," Sirius retorted simply, the calm draining from his tone. Right now all Draco needed was a nice nap. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Now I want to know why and I won't be leaving this room until you tell me. Tessa. Age: 24. If u are looking for a spontaneous busty blonde with that California style but Italian blooded Brandy. Age: 22. I'm a very shy woman looking to please that man

HP Fic: Discipline Issues

We are witches and wizards you idiotic amoeba," snarled Lucius eyes flashing. Mother was so happy when he told her he was taking those two classes until he also added that he was taking muggle studies," said Regulus smiling. Me and Snuffles by dreamerbydawn reviews Sirius and Regulus did not get along. He's usually a lot worse," said Harry slowly peeking out from under the blanket. Draco actually has a larger room than he did. For the two week stints that they did they were graciously given one single apple. He flipped the boy over and sat him on his lap. He saw Potter race to the door, obviously very frightened. Why can't you just talk to me—" "I don't want to talk! But halfway through his cereal, Harry had straightened up with a sudden idea.

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He went mental,' said Ron, with a reminiscent gleam in his eyes. He was crying much too hard to talk and he didn't know how to respond. Posted by alastriona68 at 3: She wasn't for sure if she liked this more assertive Neville or not. Maybe there was a room he missed. I hate that he says things about you. The situation must be handled delicately.

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