Megalodon vs sperm whale

Keeping it strangled and unable to go to the surface should be enough to kill it. As stated earlier the killer whale may have also been a worthy competitor due to their highly develop social structure and effective hunting methods. Is there a whale like this still out there somewhere? I'm not sure how valid the Sperm Whale theory is, but they are huge predators found in those waters, and capable of diving to great depths. It is one of three extant species in the sperm whale superfamily, along with the pygmy sperm whale and dwarf sperm whale. Danica. Age: 24. Hi, i have my profile on here as i like sex alot ! Uma. Age: 20. Sweety I want us to enjoy have a good time share some laughs and indulge on eatchothers body's

Colassal Megalodon Shark Vs Sperm whales- Clash of the Titans — Science and technology

Largest verifiable Megalodon tooth at 7. The largest fossil GW tooth, from Chile, measured 3. In addition, shark size estimation methods certainly function upon good logics based on observed facts. I think that livyatan is too smart for the shark. Its superior bite force, speed and strength was what gave it the edge in its dangerous ocean world against all kinds of other apex predators, including large and dangerous whales. G Featured By Owner Jun 14, Here we report the discovery of a new giant sperm whale from the Middle Miocene of Peru approximately million years ago , Leviathan melvillei, described on the basis of a skull with teeth and mandible. That is now generally believed to be an inaccurate overestimation. Has this been brought up already? Top predators have unstable positions, because they rely upon a limited range of prey sizes to sustain themselves, Lambert pointed out. Should be a Tylosaurus. Maybe they were ultimately outcompeted by Megalodon?

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Megalodon vs. Leviathan vs. Predator X | SpaceBattles Forums

I vote for Megalodon since it has better weaponry, but the Sperm Whale will not be easy since it's ram can be quite deadly. Helicoprion , distant relative to prehistoric sharks, is mostly known for its unmistakable spiral-shaped lower jaw. Now, a new type of bird that shall strike fear into the hearts of many has risen from the ashes! Head of a shark dissected. University of Florida vertebrate paleontology graduate student Dana Ehret holds a juvenile and adult Megalodon tooth up for comparison.

Sperm whale vs megalodon. Who do you think would win?


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